Our Difference:

  • We sell the biggest & healthiest range of bamboo plants in Perth.
  • We specialize in non-invasive varieties that are completely safe for urban planting.
  • Our friendly bamboo experts are one hand Thursday to Sunday to assist you with all your bamboo questions and species advice.
  • We have a huge range of sizes and varieties available including large landscaping plants.

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    • Latest News:

      • POTS

        Bamboo in Pots

        We are always being asked as to what bamboo would best grow in a pot, so much so that we have decided to post this on our page. Bamboo does grow in pots but there
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      • confusion3

        Which Bamboo Is Right For Me?

        If this is your first time purchasing a non-invasive (clumping) bamboo, or you now have another need for this versatile plant, this is a great tool to work out which bamboo is right for you.
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      • SeaweedSolution


        Give your plants a good dose of Seaweed Solution now, it should be a ritual part of your spring watering routine. Seaweed Solution is a bit like a vitamin tablet for your plants and encourages
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      • gracilis-in-landscape

        Newsflash: BUYER BEWARE

        It has come to our attention that there are several sellers of bamboo out there who are selling bamboo to people that has been incorrectly labeled. You may think you are buying a particular variety
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