8 m 5 cm -15 China Runnning (invasive)
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Phyllostachys nigra

One of the most popular bamboos, however it does require protection from our warm weather to look its best. Nigra is a very popular bamboo for pots and planter boxes and the size of the plant will be restricted due to pot size. Each season the new canes emerge green, darkening off gradually until they turn a very glossy black colour. The lime green leaves contrast very well against the black canes however if subjected to sun, water stress or hot winds, the leaves will turn brown around the edges. Additionally, if the canes are exposed to direct sunlight they will suffer some form of ‘sun-bleaching’. Nigra is very controllable in pots and is a stunning feature in the right setting. This bamboo has a slight arching habit and prefers a shaded, protected position to look its best.  

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Nigra21black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra)P.nigra_1