Bamboo for Shade

Bamboo speciesHeight (m)Diam (cm)Min TempOriginType


Phyllostachys nigra

One of the most popular bamboos, however it does require protection from our warm weather to ... Read more>>
8 5 -15 China Runnning (invasive)

Java Black

Giagantochloa atroviolacea

Java is a highly attractive ornamental bamboo and one of the most popular of all the ... Read more>>
10 8 -4 Java / Sumatra Clumping

Malay Variegated

Bambusa heterostachya variegated

This bamboo will create a beautiful variegated hedge that is very dense and easy to ... Read more>>
3 3 -2 Malaysia Clumping

Nepalese Blue

Himalayacalamus porcatus

This is an outstanding smaller, ornamental bamboo that is best suited to part shade. A beautiful, ... Read more>>
3 1 -4 Nepal Clumping

Purple Jade

Drepanostachyum khasianum

This is a beautiful bamboo for the smaller garden. Khasia would prefer some shade during the ... Read more>>
4 1 -4 India Clumping


Semiarundinaria fastuosa

Temple bamboo is a stunning ornamental species with its short branches and erect canes. The larger ... Read more>>
10 4 -20 Japan Running (invasive)

Tiger Grass

Thysanolaena maxima

Although this plant is not actually a bamboo it does complement any bamboo garden with its ... Read more>>
3 1 -2 SE Asia Clumping

Timor Black

Bambusa lako

Chocolate black canes with lime green stripes, a truly beautiful bamboo. This bamboo will do best ... Read more>>
12 10 -3 Timor Islands Clumping