Hedging Bamboo

Bamboo speciesHeight (m)Diam (cm)Min TempOriginType

Alphonse Karr

Bambusa Multiplex cv. 'Alphonse Karr'

Beautiful tight clumping yellow canes with bright green stripes. More erect in its ... Read more>>
6 3 -10 China Clumping

China Gold

Bambusa eutuldoides 'viridi-vittata'

This bamboo will grow to its maximum height in less than 3 years, depending on ... Read more>>
6 5 -5 China Clumping

Chinese Dwarf

Bambusa guangxiensis

This is a very good bamboo well suited to Perth's suburban gardens. A very bushy and ... Read more>>
6 4 -4 China Clumping

Golden Goddess

Bambusa multiplex cv. 'Golden Goddess'

Golden Goddess is a superior species to that of the Multiplex family as ... Read more>>
3 1 -12 China Clumping


Bambusa multiplex 'Goldstripe'

This very popular bamboo that does extremely well here in Perth's climate. A very attractive ... Read more>>
4 2 -10 China Clumping

Japanese Hedge

Bambusa multiplex

This is one of our biggest sellers and is very popular due to its compact size ... Read more>>
3 2 -10 China Clumping

Malay Variegated

Bambusa heterostachya variegated

This bamboo will create a beautiful variegated hedge that is very dense and easy to ... Read more>>
3 3 -2 Malaysia Clumping

Slender Weavers

Bambusa textilis var 'Gracilis'

A very dense / upright growing bamboo that is the king of screening plants. ... Read more>>
6 3 -12 China Clumping

Tiger Grass

Thysanolaena maxima

Although this plant is not actually a bamboo it does complement any bamboo garden with its ... Read more>>
3 1 -2 SE Asia Clumping