• What are your opening hours?

    We are open 9am - 5pm, Thu to Sun.

    On public holidays, we are open 9am - 5pm.

    We are closed on Good Friday and Anzac Day.

  • Can I order over phone or email?

    Yes, we can process orders over the phone or via email.

  • Can I talk to someone about my bamboo questions?

    Absolutely! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find which bamboo is right for you. Our staff are trained in species identification, selection and best uses for all our bamboo.

  • What should I bring with me when visiting?

    While visiting our nursery we recommend that you wear comfortable enclosed footwear, a hat and sun protection.

    For detailed information on plant selection for your garden we suggest you bring photos or a diagram plan with measurements of the garden bed you intend to plant in addition to any other specific requirements that you may have.

  • Will the bamboo fit in my car?

    You would be surprised how many 200mm-330mm pots of bamboo will fit into a standard sized car. Most bamboos are quite flexible and can therefore be manipulated to fit into a small space, without affecting the plant. Larger pot sizes and more mature plants can be more difficult to fit so we recommend bringing a ute or trailer for ease of packing and make sure you have some rope and a tarp to cover them to stop windburn when travelling home.

  • Is there a cafe onsite?

    Yes there is a Café from which you can purchase tea and coffee, milkshakes, water, ice creams and biscuits. There is also a soft drink vending machine in the nursery with ice cold drinks available.

  • Can I bring my kids and dogs?

    Yes of course, we are a family-friendly nursery your children are more than welcome here. Please be mindful that it is your responsibility to ensure that your children are supervised at all times. Our nursery is home to many plant species, some with sharp edges/spines as well as an abundance of wildlife, including the occasional Dugite (snake). Children MUST wear footwear and are asked to be respectful of our plants and gardens. Yes, dogs are allowed, providing they are sociable and friendly. Dogs MUST be on a leash at all times and all 'doggy pooh' must be cleaned up immediately.

  • Will you help me plant my bamboo?

    We do not offer landscaping assistance, however we do provide you with all the steps to ensure successful planting and all relevant processes needed for preparing your garden bed.

  • What am I buying? How does my bamboo come?

    Most species are sold starting off in a 200mm-300mm pot size. We ensure that it has an established root system and is suitable for planting out when purchased. The majority of our species can also be bought in larger pot sizes (more advanced plants) with some up to full maturity in 160ltr tubs. The height of the plant varies depending on species.

  • Can I buy bamboo seed?

    No sorry. We propagate our bamboo by division or cuttings ensuring that you get the correct species every time; however this is a difficult and specialized process. What you purchase from us is a clone of the mature plant that has since grown roots and produced new shoots. We do not recommend you purchase bamboo from un-reputable sources as there is no guarantee they are the true species, generally they will be grown from seed and are unreliable and undesirable species. This will lead to regret and we often get those customers then purchasing the correct bamboo from us years later to replace the previously planted species.

  • Can I plant bamboo near my fence, pool, pipes and house foundations?

    Please refer to our 'Planting & Care' page and read up on the difference between running bamboo and clumping bamboo. Clumping bamboos have a very tight, shallow and non-invasive root-ball so they are quite safe to plant. As bamboos are in the 'grass family' bamboo roots do not expand like tree roots do. If there are existing leaks in your pipes, bamboo roots will not enter the pipe and expand their roots to worsen the crack. This problem is ONLY caused by tree roots, not clumping bamboo roots. The root ball is generally only 500mm deep or less and they have no running roots. However due to the variation in growing width of clumping bamboo species it is essential that you use the correct species for your planting area. Our staff members can let you know what species is best suited to your gardenbed.

  • Can I have bamboo indoors in pots?

    Bamboo cannot be successfully grown indoors permanently, additionally they can become a little messy with leaf drop. The best alternative is to plant a Bamboo Palm in pots and keep them indoors. These are a true palm however look very similar to bamboo. They are great indoor plants and are low maintenance. We do sell Bamboo Palms (Palms Galore nursery).

  • Why is my bamboo dropping leaves?

    Bamboo will always naturally drop some leaves as well as their culm sheaths that come off during the growing season. But if your bamboo is dropping excessive leaves constantly then there is a problem, either from lack of adequate water or the absence of essential nutrients in the soil. To reduce the leaf drop, increase the regularity and amount of watering you are doing, particularly during the warmer months, fertilize with a slow release high nitrogen fertilizer and improve the soil with an application of a soil conditioner. These things combined will increase the available nutrients, health and energy of the bamboo. For further instructions or more specific details regarding your individual circumstances please contact us.

  • Can I trim my bamboo?

    Bamboos are very versatile and, depending on the variety you have, there many options on trimming/hedging/cleaning out your bamboo. Please speak to us regarding your individual circumstances and species of bamboo before going ahead and trimming. As a generalisation, bamboo can be trimmed down to any height by cutting the culm off just above a node (the round ring on the stem which is solid). Once cut, this culm will not grow taller from that cut point, but will throw branches and foliage as normal. You can hedge certain species of bamboo with hedge trimmers although older bamboo culms are very fibrous and can block up blades quickly.

  • Can I eat my bamboo?

    Quite a few varieties of bamboo produce edible shoots, but only a handful that actually taste good! The most common is Bambusa oldhamii, which is often referred to as 'Sweet Shoot Bamboo' for its particularly tasty flesh. The bamboo send up new shoots over the growing season – which are harvested at roughly 20-30cm of height, shelled, diced into thin long pieces and then cooked. The most popular edible species are: Oldhamii and Latiflorus.