Fish Pole

7 m 4 cm -15 China Running (invasive)
HeightDiamMin. TempOriginType

Phyllostachys aurea

Aurea is very popular bamboo for pots and planter boxes and can give any small courtyard garden a real Bali feel. The size of the plant will be restricted due to pot size. A beautiful species that cannot be mistaken due to its ‘tortoise shell’ look at the base of each of the canes. Although this bamboo looks best when protected from the sun it takes on a golden hue when exposed to direct sunlight. This bamboo is used for walking sticks and umbrella handles in Asia. This bamboo is ideal if a dense screen is required. Aurea has an erect growth habit and once established it is heat, cold and drought tolerant. This bamboo has been used extensively in pots scattered throughout Perth Zoo.  Aurea prefers a shaded, protected position.  

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