Java Black

10 m 8 cm -4 Java / Sumatra Clumping
HeightDiamMin. TempOriginType

Giagantochloa atroviolacea

Java is a highly attractive ornamental bamboo and one of the most popular of all the blacks. The young canes start off dark green and turn rapidly dark brown-black or deep purple-black. The canes are used extensively for furniture making and building material and the shoots are edible. Commonly mistaken for the Timor Black species, which it closely resembles, the canes of the Java have more of a matt finish.  This bamboo will do best in a sheltered position. Direct exposure to the afternoon sun on the black canes will cause some 'sun-bleaching' to occur. For this reason it is best protected from direct afternoon sun exposure.Prefers a sunny or partly shaded position.  

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